TFM has designed Multifruit Line 1000 for all companies wishing to install a multi-fruit processing line to produce wholemeal pulps and juices, with a processing capacity of up to 1.500 kg/h of treated fresh fruit.

The Line consists of 3 modules with small dimensions and easily transportable in containers: the first dedicated to the reception of the fruit and extraction of the pulp, the second to the enzymatic inactivation and the pulp refining, the third for the product pasteurization/sterilization and final aseptic filling.

It is possible to process a wide range of products: thick-skinned fruits (Pineapple or Citrus), stone fruits (Mango, Peaches, Apricots) or fruits with seeds (Passion Fruit, Apples, Pears, etc.).

It is also possible to produce concentrated juice by adding an Evaporator ZEUS (optional).

Line capacity:

from 800 Kg/h up to 1.500 Kg/h of fresh fruit.

production process

Skid 1

Fruit pre-treatment and Pulp Extraction

Washing Machine

Brushing Machine

Blanching Tunnel

Automatic Peeler ATENA

Extractor with Beaters ARTEMIDE with Shredder

Skid 2

Enzymatic inactivation and Juice Refining

Preheater EBE

Press Refiner AFRODITE

Turbo Refiner HERA

Decanter (optional)

Skid 3

Sterilization and

Aseptic Filling

Sterilization Plant TCMA with Deaerator, Homogenizer, Sterilizer and TFM Aseptic Filler for 220 l drums