• Aseptic sterilizer and filler
  • CERERE 6000 - The New Banana Peeler
  • Triple effect evaporator
  • Ginaca - line for pineapple slices in syrup
  • Aroma Recovery Unit
  • MACFRUT 2024
    8 – 10 MAY
    Rimini – ITALY
    Pad. B3 – Booth 005

    4 – 7 JUNE
    Mexico City – MEXICO
    Booth 1124

  • PROPAK ASIA 2024
    14 – 15 JUNE
    Bangkok – THAILAND
    Booth AG44

  • SIAL PARIS 2024
    19 – 23 OCTOBER
    Paris – FRANCE

    5 – 7 NOVEMBER
    Dubai WTC – UAE

    13 – 14 FEB
    Sacramento – California (USA)
    Booth #427

    7 – 9 MARCH
    Phnom Penh – CAMBODIA
    Booth E10

    12 – 14 MARCH
    Nairobi – KENYA
    Pad. Italy – Booth F5

    19 – 22 MARCH
    Cologne – GERMANY
    Hall 10.1 – Booth D008

    • MACFRUT 2023
      03 – 05 MAY
      Rimini Expo Centre – ITALY
      Pad B3 – Stand 005

    • DJAZAGRO 2023
      05 – 08 JUNE
      Safex Exibithion Park – ALGERIA
      Hall Central – Booth E043

    • Logo Expopack Guadalajara

      EXPO PACK 2023
      13 – 15 MAY
      Guadalajara, Jalisco – MEXICO
      Hall A-E | Booth 4012

    • Logo Propak Asia Bangkok

      PROPAK ASIA 2023
      14 – 17 JUNE
      Bangkok – THAILAND
      Hall 98 – Booth G59

    • Logo PackExpo Las Vegas

      PACK EXPO 2023
      11 – 13 SEPTEMBER
      Las Vegas, NV – USA
      South Upper Hall – Booth 7138

    • CIBUSTEC 2023
      24 – 27 OCTOBER
      Parma – ITALY
      Pad. 05 -Stand F24

      07 – 09 NOVEMBER
      Dubai World Center – EAU

    • Logo Propak Asia Vietnam

      PROPAK ASIA 2023
      08 – 10 NOVEMBER
      Saigon – VIETNAM

      08 – 10 FEBRUARY
      Berlin – GERMANY
      Hall 4.1 – Booth D-41

      08 – 10 FEBRUARY
      Sacramento – CALIFORNIA
      Booth 112

      14 – 16 MARCH
      Nairobi – KENYA
      Booth 62

      Cutting-edge technology,
      research and professional ethics serving the clients’ needs

      Thanks to its great experience acquired mostly in tropical countries, Tropical Food Machinery can design and manufacture complete processing lines of local fruits according to the more advanced technical and technological solutions, ensuring a final product in compliance with the strictest international quality standards.

      Tropical Food Machinery

      We design and manufacture machines and industrial lines for the processing of every type of fruit or tomato to obtain products such as natural juices, concentrated juices, purées, nectars, jams, fruit in syrup, ketchup and sauces.

      We also offer a wide range of multi-fruit lines starting from a minimum processing capacity, such as pilot plants or miniaturized plants on platforms or mobiles, up to large capacity industrial plants.

      Design and Manufacturing

      Thanks to our highly specialized team and our long-terms experience, we can:

      •  Develop new technological solutions.
      •  Supply turn-key plants.
      •  Adapt, convert and improve existing systems.
      •  Advice on the quality of final products, on the engineering and on civil and agricultural fields.

      Our machines are designed in compliance with the major international standards (CE, FDA, UKCA, UL).


      Tropical Food Machinery designs and manufactures process and formulation line for:

      •  Tropical fruits such as pineapple, mango, guava, papaya, passion fruit, acerola, durian, cupuaçu, rambutans, and others.
      •  Temperated climate fruit such as peach, apricot, berries, kiwi, pear, apple, plum and others.
      •  Citrus fruits such as orange, grapefruit, citron, lemon and others.
      •  Tomato.

      Our plants are ideal for the production of:

      •  Natural (NF), concentrated (FC) and frozen juices.
      •  Purée and jams.
      •  Aseptic or pasteurized juices.
      •   Canned fruit.
      •  Tomato paste, sauce and ketchup.
      Installation and Start-up

      The Tropical Food Machinery lines are assembled all over the world by our specialized teams composed of supervising engineers, electricians and mechanics technicians, assemblers and welders with and without the help of local manpower.

      In addition to the assembling, Tropical Food Machinery provides for the start-up of the plant and the training of the local personnel in charge of the operation of the line and maintenance.

      After sale

      Through our after-sales services we can:

      •  Train and update the personnel dedicated to line running and to line maintenance.
      •  Give 24/7 on-line assistance or provide WR and/or SCADA systems direct to the plant.
      •  Define and implement plans for booth ordinary and predictive maintenance, and supply of original spare parts for that.
      •  Advice about plants upgrades (production efficiency, product quality, energy and logistics efficiency).

      Our work estends to a close collaboration with italian laboratories and Research Institutes as well as specialized partners. Accordingly, our targets since the last years include:

      •  The continuous technological innovation of our machineries (better yields, complete automation, reduction of consumption).
      •  The quality preservation of the final product.
      •  The use of efficient and sustainable materials and components.
      •  The enhancement of processing by-products, through their recovery and use in production.

      News & Insights

      «Join Food» Meeting – September 2023

      On September 12, 2023, Tropical Food Machinery, Food & Flavours and Fresno County EDC organized the meeting “Join Food: made in Italy straight to Central Valley” at the Le Village by CA center in Parma, IT.

      Fruit Logistica 2023

      From 8 to 10 February,Tropical Food Machinery was in Berlin at Fruit Logistica 2023, the leading trade fair for the fresh fruit industry and its direct access to the global market.

      TFM joins the project Transition Farm

      First day of ‘school’ today for the 10 recent graduates of the University of Parma who were chosen over 30 applications received to take part in ‘Transition Farm’, the pilot project conceived by the ‘Parma, io ci sto!’ (Parma, count me in!) Association with the University of Parma and Nativa, the support of Cisita Parma, Unione Parmense degli Industriali (Parma Union of Industrialists) and Gruppo Imprese Artigiane (Group of Artisan Enterprises).

      TFM all-in-one solution for fruit with stone and seeds

      TFM Mini Industry Line 200

      Companies we worked with