Mini Industry 200 is a small multi-fruit line designed for small producers or farming cooperatives who want to produce wholemeal juices, concentrates, nectars, jams, sauces, and gravies.

A wide range of products can be processed: thick-skinned fruit (pineapple or citrus), stone fruit (mango, peach, apricot), fruit with seeds (passion fruit, apples, pears, etc.), small fruit (berries) and tomato. The Line consists of a washing, sorting and first manual processing unit and a single module with pulp extraction and refining machines, formulation tanks for recipes or product cooking, manual filling, and pasteurization area on various packages (glass bottles and jars, cans or doypacks).

Its complete adaptability in terms of size, costs, energy consumption and variability of the finished product is supported by TFM technology and can also be particularly suitable for research and training projects in food companies or institutes.

Line capacity:

from 200 Kg/h up to 400 Kg/h of fresh fruit or tomato.

production process

Fruit pre-treatment area

Washing Machine

Selection belt/First manual processing with 8 platforms for the operators

Pulp Extraction and Refining Area

Extractor with Beaters ARTEMIDE

Turbo Shredder and Refiner HERA

Orange Juice Extractor (optional)

Preheater EBE

Formulation Area

1 or 2 Formulation Tanks with the possibility of adding ingredients

1 or 2 Steam concentrators for cooking or making concentrates / jams

1 collection tank for the finished product

Filling and Pasteurization Area

2 Manual Filling Stations with capping machine and seamer

2 Pasteurization autoclaves

Optional: alternatively, an automatic filling machine with pasteurization tunnel can be installed.