Tropical Food Machinery has patented the new automatic banana peeler CERERE 6000, a special small-sized machine that guarantees very high-yield banana pulp extraction thanks to an extremely fast and precise peeling system: up to 6 Tons of fresh product per hour, with an extracted pulp yeld of 60%.

The production of banana puree is an extremely delicate process due to the very fast oxidation of the banana pulp: CERERE 6000 maintains the quality of the pulp thanks to the processing in a nitrogen atmosphere.

CERERE 6000 can be integrated into existing processing plants, TFM guarantees the production of a puree that meets the highest standards available on the market.

Work capacity:

Up to 6 T/h of fresh product.

technical data


(Lenght x Width x Height)

3100 x 1400 x 1900 mm

Electric power installed

9,5 kW