Aroma Recovery System DIONISO is a special system designed by TFM to extract aromas and essences from a flow of natural juice. The plant is small sizes, fully automated and can be easily integrated into existing juice extraction lines or used with any product rich in aroma even if not treated by the process line. There is no juice waste during the extraction process.

It consists of a series of vacuum condensation columns which condense the aromas using cooling fluids at different temperatures (mains water, chilled water, or glycol water at -15°C).

The recovery of the aromatic essences, which would otherwise be lost in the juice manufacturing processes, allows a double advantage: depending on the degree of quality achieved, the aromas can be either sold separately from the product or reintroduced into the concentrated juice to improve its characteristics.

The main sectors of use are food, beverages, cosmetics in which high quality natural flavours have a considerable value.

Work capacity:

Up to 4 Litres of product flow per hour.

technical data

Dimensions (Lenght x Width x Height)

4200 x 3100 x 3000 mm

Electric power installed

11 kW

Steam Consumption

1,5 m3/L

Industrial Water Consumption

5 m3/L

Frozen Water Consumption

5 m3/L