Tropical Food Machinery

Let us tell you our story: dreaming of opening his own company, in 1975 a man decided to move to Brazil to directly gain experience of tropical fruit.
Passion and dedication have brought this man and his company to the top of tropical fruit processing in Latin America and to open Tropical Food Machinery in Italy.


With two headquarters in Italy and Brazil, Tropical Food Machinery offers a complete range of lines for the industrial processing of tropical fruit or temperate climate fruit, including tomato. Final product includes: concentrated or non-concentrated juice and pulp, chopped or sliced fruit, jams, puree and tomato pulp.

Over the years Tropical Food Machinery has opened two fruit processing companies in Brazil to directly process fruit: Flora and Mirca.
These are two certified companies processing pineapples-10 tons per hour (Flora), and also mango, papaya and passion fruit-6 tons per hour (Mirca). These companies are also an excellent field test for our plants, which can thus be improved taking direct experience into account.

Not just Italy and Brazil: one of the projects we are most proud of was carried out in Sierra Leone in the early 2000s.