The Automatic Cylinder Forming Machine TFGK-5 GINACA obtains cored cylinders from pre-calibrated pineapple fruits and can be installed on the production line of pineapple slices, tid-bits, or chunks.

It is composed of an automatic and continuous system for loading, transporting, and centering the fruit and a processing group that allows peeling, trimming, and coring. All the excess pineapple pulp is recovered and can be used to produce juice, while the residual peels are automatically expelled.

The forming machine allows processing up to 5 tons of pre-calibrated pineapples for each hour of work, producing pineapple cylinders with a standard diameter of 94 mm or other formats such as 72 mm, 80 mm, 101 mm and 105 mm. It can be used in conjunction with the Pineapple Slicer TFGR-5 and Cutter TFGC-5 for tid-bits and chunks.

Work capacity:

Up to 5 T/h of pre-sized pineapples.

technical data

Dimensions (Lenght x Width x Height)

3150 x 2400 x 2200 + 600 mm

Electric power installed

7,5 kW

Type of Ciylinders produced

Ø from 72 up to 105 mm, included the standard Ø 94 mm

31 mm o 34 mm of the central hole diameter