TFM is the world leader in the production of pineapple juice extraction lines.

The technology is developed thanks to the combined action of machines designed around the nature of the fruit: the pineapple is subjected to washing, brushing and selection, then it is processed by the Automatic Peeler ATENA, which eliminates the peels obtaining a very high-yield pulp: the skins are expelled completely devoid of pulp and do not require further processing. The Peeler is combined with the Preheater EBE and the Press Refiner AFRODITE: the process guarantees a high yield of top-quality juice without incorporating oxygen.

The pineapple juice can subsequently be transformed into concentrate thanks to the Evaporator ZEUS, the final part of the extraction line includes a product sterilization and filling plant in an aseptic environment. Our pineapple juice extraction machines can be easily integrated into pre-existing process lines to improve or expand the production range. The products obtained with the TFM Lines meet all the requirements of the international production standards and they can be exported to the main world markets.

Line Capacity:

from 1.000 Kg/h up to 20.000 Kg/h of fresh fruit.

All our machines are available in different dimensions depending on the required work capacity.

production processes

Fruit pre-treatment

Washing Machine

Brushing Machine

Sorting Belt

Juice Extraction

Automatic Peeler ATENA

Preheater EBE

Press Refiner AFRODITE

Decanter (optional)


(for concentrated juice)

Evaporator by forced circulation ZEUS


Sterilization plant TCMA with

Tank for collection/deaeration,

Homogenizer and Sterilizer

Aseptic Filling

TFM Aseptic Fillers for 220 l drums, 1000 l bins or goodpaks