The vacuum and forced circulation TFF ZEUS Evaporators are ideal for the concentration of medium or high viscosity tropical fruit juice (pineapple, mango, passion fruit, etc.) or mild climate fruit juice (apple, peach, citrus, etc.). Thanks to these systems it is possible to reach a high degree of concentration with a high pulp content without losing the organoleptic qualities of the natural juice.

The TFF ZEUS Evaporators can be installed on all TFM Lines which provide for the possibility of producing concentrated juice: depending on the working capacity of the Line, it will be required an Evaporator of adequate size and number of evaporation effects (double, triple, or quadruple effect). Our Evaporators can be easily integrated into pre-existing process lines to improve and expand the production range.

All TFF ZEUS Evaporators have a perfect balance between the gentle treatment of the product at low temperatures and the energy waste reduction: right from the first stage of concentration, the evaporated from the product is used as a thermal agent for the subsequent effects, reducing consumption of steam.

Product concentration capacity:

from 500 l/h up to 50.000 l/h of evaporated water.

All our machines are available in different dimensions depending on the required work capacity.

production process

Sugars in the concentrate (valid for all evaporators)

20 – 70° Brix depending on the product used

Double Effect Evaporator

Maximum Working Temperatures

1° Stage 70 ± 2 °C

2° Stage 50 ± 2 °C

Triple Effect Evaporator

Maximum Working Temperatures

1° Stage 76 ± 2 °C

2° Stage 62 ± 2 °C

3° Stage 48 ± 2 °C

Quadruple Effect Evaporator

Maximum Working Temperatures

1° Stage 78 ± 2 °C

2° Stage 70 ± 2 °C

3° Stage 60 ± 2 °C

4° Stage 48 ± 2 °C