Tropical Food Machinery has developed a complete Line for the extraction and treatment of green coconut water and cream or milk from mature coconut.

Although the traditional process involves the use of many labourers, TFM proposes in the subsequent phases a fully automatic line which improves the product extraction yield and optimizes the heat treatment while preserving the organoleptic qualities.

The Line includes a product pasteurization, storage, mixing and Aseptic Filling system; the quality of the final product is guaranteed by the automatic control of all the critical process parameters.

Line Capacity:

from 3.000 Kg/h up to 10.000 Kg/h of fresh fruit.

All our machines are available in different dimensions depending on the required work capacity.

production process

Fruit pre-treatment

Washing Machine

Sorting Belt

Shell Removal


Juice Extraction


Preheater EBE

Press Refiner AFRODITE

Decanter (optional)

Sterilization, Storage and Mixing

Homogenizer, Sterilizer,

storage and mixing tanks

Aseptic Filling

TFM Aseptic Fillers for 220 l drums, 1000 l bins or goodpaks