The simple effect TF PAN Evaporators are used for the concentration of pulpy juices, they can produce high viscosity concentrates or, with the addition of other ingredients, sweets, candies, jellies, tomato sauces or ketchups.

They are composed of one or more under vacuum and steam heated evaporation tanks, for boiling the product at a low temperature: this allows to maintain flavours, aromas, and a high organoleptic quality of the final product with reduced energy consumption.

The TF PAN Evaporators can be installed on all TFM Lines which provide for the possibility of producing concentrate or within Blending Lines: depending on the working capacity of the Line, it will be required Evaporators of adequate size. Our Evaporators can be easily added to pre-existing process lines to improve or expand the production range.

Product concentration capacity:

from 1.000 l/h up to 10.000 l/h of evaporated water.

All our machines are available in different dimensions depending on the required work capacity.

production process

Sugars in the concentrate (valid for all evaporators)

20 – 65 °Brix depending on the product used