Thanks to the great experience gained in Italy and in particular in Parma, headquarters of Tropical Food Machinery, the company has developed advanced technology to create complete Lines of medium and large dimensions for the production of tomato paste with high organoleptic values.

The TFM concentrated tomato Lines can be developed on two different enzymatic inactivation methods, hot break, or cold break, after that the pulp is concentrated thanks the Evaporator ZEUS which, depending on the size of the line, has a production capacity of up to 50.000 litres of water evaporated per hour. The final part of the processing Line includes a concentrated sterilization and filling plant in an aseptic environment.

The product obtained meet all the requirements of the international production standards and they can be exported to the main world markets.

Line capacity:

from 20 T per day up to 1.500 T per day of fresh tomato.

All our machines are available in different dimensions depending on the required work capacity.

production process

Fruit pre-treatment

Washing Machine

Sorting Belt

Juice Extraction

Shredder for tomato

Hot Break inactivator or

Cold Break preheater

Turbo Refiner for tomato


(for concentrated juice)

Evaporator by forced circulation ZEUS


Sterilization plant TCMA with Tank for collection/deaeration, Homogenizer and Sterilizer

Aseptic Filling

TFM Aseptic Fillers for 220 l drums, 1000 l bins or goodpaks