Shredder for fruit MOD. TFCG-5

Universal shredder that can process small and medium-sized fruits with or without seeds. Inside the machine there is a group of rotating blades dedicated to product processing and a removable sieve. Depending on the type of fruit processed, two different blade groups can be used, one for slicing into pieces and one for shredding. The shredder is equipped with an ascorbic and citric acid antioxidant treatment system to be used for processing fruits that are particularly sensitive to oxidation and an automatic washing system. This specific medium size model allows the processing of up to 5 Tons of fruit for each hour of work. The shredder can be coupled with the Extractor with Beaters TFEB for processing fruit with seeds or stones.


Production capacity Up to 5 T / h of small-medium fruits with or without seeds
Dimensions (Length x Width x Height) 550 x 1600 x 630 mm
Electric power installed 4 kW