Dicer machine for tid-bits and chunks MOD. TFGC-5

The machine divides the pineapple slices into wedges and can support both the 16-blade cut for the tid-bits format and the 12-blade cut for the chunks format. It is also possible to process slices with a diameter of 80 mm or 94 mm. The slices, manually loaded into the hopper, are pushed towards the blade holder by a pneumatically controlled cylinder, advancing until they are divided into wedges. The machine can work in both single and continuous cycles and allows the processing of up to 5 Tons of pineapples per hour of work. It can be used together with the automatic pineapple cylinder forming machine Ginaca TFGK-5 and the Slicer machine TFGR-5.


Dimensions (Length x Width x Height) 1060 x 250 x 290 mm
Type of cut supported 16 blades (tid-bits) – 12 blades (chunks)
Diameter of slices supported 80 mm – 94 mm