Tropical Food Machinery’s large aseptic tanks are designed for the intermediate storage, even for long periods, of food liquids such as juice or puree subjected to Sterilization treatment: the sterilized product is collected in the aseptic tanks at room temperature, keeping its natural properties unaltered without need for refrigeration systems.

All work stages are controlled by a Scada supervisory system: the stages management is independent for each tank thanks to an integrated cluster of aseptic valves.

The homogeneity of the product is guaranteed by magnetic drive stirrers even in the presence of pulp or fibres. All critical working parameters, such as temperatures and pressures, are constantly monitored to ensure maximum safety and traceability of operations and product conditions. The system can be installed both inside and outside a factory, its dimensions vary according to storage needs.

Plant capacity:

Variable on request.


Benefits of Product Quality

Maintaining the natural quality of the stored product, as it is not necessary to add additives to guarantee conservation.

The system guarantees the maintenance of the sterility of the product which is protected from any type of external contamination.

Benefits of Energy Consumption

Storage at room temperature guarantees the reduction of energy costs compared to storage by refrigeration.

Benefits of Storage Management

Elimination of packaging costs with bins, drums, and aseptic bags, moreover the transfer of the product can take place on trucks with aseptic tanks.