TFM is one of the major international players in the design and construction of plants dedicated to bananas. The production of banana puree is an extremely delicate process due to the very fast oxidation of the banana pulp: our lines maintain of the quality of the pulp thanks to the processing in a nitrogen atmosphere during the production and refining phases of the banana puree.

The peeling of the bananas can be done manually or using the new Automatic Peeler CERERE 6000, an innovative technology entirely designed by TFM capable of performing the complete automatic peeling of the banana with high yield.

The Line includes a product sterilization and filling plant in an aseptic environment, TFM guarantees the production of a puree that meets the highest standards available on the market.

Line capacity:

from 3.000 Kg/h up to 15.000 Kg/h of fresh fruit.

All our machines are available in different dimensions depending on the required work capacity.

production process

Fruit pre-treatment

Washing Machine

Sorting Belt

Pulp Extraction in Nitrogen Atmosphere

Automatic Peeler CERERE 6000

Preheater EBE

Turbo Refiner PERSEFONE 10000


Sterilization plant TCME for banana with

Tank for collection/deaeration,

Homogenizer and Sterilizer

Aseptic Filling

TFM Aseptic Fillers for 220 l drums, 1000 l bins or goodpaks