This Line was developed for improving the traditional Açaí berry processing, aiming at increasing the productivity of the extraction process and improving the quality of the final product with a reduction in labour costs.

TFM was the first company that developed machines specifically designed to work with this fruit transforming the extraction process from traditional to automatic and continuous.

The Line produces juice filled at low temperatures ready for freezing, TFM guarantees a juice production for the highest quality standards available on the market.

Line capacity:

from 3.000 Kg/h up to 10.000 Kg/h of fresh fruit.

All our machines are available in different dimensions depending on the required work capacity.

production process

Fruit pre-treatment

Washing Machine

Sorting Belt

Defrosting Tunnel

Juice Extraction

TFM Extractor for Açaí berry

Preheater EBE

Turbo Refiner HERA

Decanter (optional)


Pasteurization Plant with Tank for collection/deaeration, Homogenizer and Pasteurizer

Filling for Frozen

TFM Aseptic Fillers for 220 l drums, 1000 l bins or goodpaks