Slicer machine for pineapple

The TFGR-5 slicer machine allows to cut pineapple cylinders into regular thickness slices. The previously formed pineapple cylinders with a diameter of 80mm are manually inserted into the inlet of the slicer, where an automatic transport system allows the advancement of the product and a rotating blade allows it to be cut. The machine is easily disassembled and can be adjusted according to the standard production formats: slices with a thickness of 10-12mm (tid-bits) or 15-18mm (chunks). The machine allows the processing of up to 5 Tons of pineapples per hour of work and can be used together with the Ginaca TFGK-5 automatic pineapple cylinder forming machine and the Dicer TFGC-5 for tid-bits and chunks.


Dimensions (Length x Width x Height) 550 x 600 x 800 mm
Electric power installed 1,5 kW
Slice thickness supported 10-12 mm (tid-bits)
15-18 mm (chunks)