Aseptic filler CALIPSO/1 MOD. EA-1C-D


The single head aseptic filler “Calipso/1” EA-1C-D can be combined with any type of existing aseptic systems and is suitable for filling a large quantity of products: fruit juices with or without pieces of fruit, puree, milk, tomato, yogurt, creams, sauces, jellies, bases for ice cream, liquid fruit preparations, tomato in small pieces in sauce. It is composed of one aseptic filling head with steam sterilization mounted on rotating support arms for filling pre-sterilized bags into drums up to 220L. It can be used with the most common types of nozzles 1 “(for juice) or 2” (for shredded or produced in pieces). The temperatures are controlled by PT100 probes and the product dosage is measured by a flow meter with instrumentation integrated in the PLC. With the exception of positioning of the aseptic bag, every other filling operation is performed automatically: the filling cycle is controlled by a PLC microprocessor which manages the operation, the C.I.P. washing configuration, sterilization and filling analysis, error management. The panel is equipped with an HMI touch-screen interface that allows to perform and monitor operations and alarms.


Max. capacity with low viscosity NFC juice – 1 “spout 27 bags/h (220 L)
Max. capacity with concentrated products – 1 “spout 4500 l / h (variable according to the characteristics of the product)
Max. capacity with shredded or diced products – 2 “spout 4500 l / h (variable according to the characteristics of the product)
Dimensions (Length x Width x Height) 3600 x 1555 x 3250 mm
Electric power installed 2 kW
Steam consumption 60 Kg/h
Compressed air consumption 500 NL/h