Aseptic Storage

Tropical Food Machinery’s large aseptic tanks have been designed for the intermediate storage, even on the long run, of liquids previously subjected to a sterilization treatment. Juice or puree directly fed from a sterilizer are stored inside aseptic tanks at room temperature, maintaining their natural characteristics unaltered without the need for refrigerating systems. The homogeneity of the product is guaranteed even in the presence of pulp or fibers thanks to a magnetic stirrer. All work phases are automatically managed by a Scada supervision system, as well as the washing, sterilization, sterile pressurization, filling, emptying cycles: the phases are managed independently in the various tanks thanks to the integrated cluster of aseptic valves. All critical working parameters, such as temperatures and pressures, are constantly monitored to ensure maximum safety and traceability of operations and product conditions. The total capacity and the number of tanks is determined according to the production capacity of the customer’s plant and the variety of products to be stored.


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