Continuos single body press AFRODITE MOD. TFPU-3/1

The TFPU single-body press is a pulp pressing machine for pineapple, grape, coconut, citrus and oil. Thanks to the pressure exerted on the product, it is able to extract the fruit juice by separating it from the fibers with excellent yield and quality. Inside the machine, the pulp obtained from fruit peeling is compressed against a fine-mesh sieve thanks to the action of a screw rotor with variable pitch and diameter and a counter-pressure cylinder: the juice is thus filtered and separated from the fibers to be sent to the next processing steps, while the residues are in continuous and automatically expelled. This specific small size model allows the processing of up to 1000Kg of pulp for each hour of work. The counter-pressure on the product can be set thanks to a special pneumatic regulator, the machine has small dimensions and low consumption, the required maintenance is simple and can be carried out after production during the washing phases.


Production capacity Up to 1000 Kg/h of fruit pulp in input
Dimensions (Length x Width x Height) 2500 x 560 x 750 mm
Electric power installed 6,6 kW
Compressed air consumption 50 Nl/min

*Data to be confirmed according to processed product